Guaranteed to Last Five Days

An example of writing from Let Loose:

In my kitchen, the stage of charcoal surface and backdrop is bare now; memories of tulips remain.

Painted butterflies scattered over the clear glass of a tall, wide mouthed vase; a fountain of tulips held aloft – some blooms still upright, tight- lipped –  others with slender necks bowing, bell of petals open, tongue of black stamens  revealed.

A vast, glorious burst of jewel bright, velvety colours – so graceful; at their most beautiful, just before the end.

These flowers were gifts – three generous bunches – an armful of sympathy and loving kindness.

Throat tightens and tears well.  I time travel  – no great distance – to another room, hushed, twilight dim, the familiar old bookcase holding a different vase of  tulips – red, purple, white – a dull gleam of leaves.   They stand vigil: ‘guaranteed to last five days’.

Read more writing from Let Loose, on the project blog and in the publication One Foot Then the Other.


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