Let Loose – artists account

Writer Morven Crumlish discusses the development of Postcard Reviews to Let Loose:

The Postcards Review project uncovered and developed some real talent – the writers on the project acquired and honed skills of discussion, description and editing. By the end of the project, all the participants were turning in reviews which were stamped with their personalities, and which brought to life the experience of being a hard of hearing person in Edinburgh during the Festival.

We wanted to nurture the talent that we had found, and to move people on from review writing, but we wanted to keep the group focused and unified. We felt that Dancebase was an inspiring venue, and that the various aspects of dance – storytelling, choreography, costume, production – would give plenty of scope for different sorts of writing.

The group were torn away from their comfort zone of review writing, and into fiction, description, and memoir. The habit of writing and of thinking about writing became ingrained – stories grew, blossomed, and took over free time. As they should. The group truly became writers, their unique voices and talents triumphed over the tyranny of the blank page.

In the end, when their words made it to print, and we held the copy of our book in our hands, I think we all felt moved by our achievement: a collective effort which showed off our best work.


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