Word Games 2

The second word games workshop encouraged us to work more closely together combining words and ourselves.  The workshop started with card games building up to finger poems and finally large scale body poems with everyone working together.  Click the photo to see more images:

word games 2

Some great feedback says it all and helps plan the next workshop: “We had fun surely – but more than that, we enjoyed interacting with the words, with each other and our confidence grew. Because of the STTR and the pre-printed word game resources, I think our brains were freed up from struggling with the communication so we could relax into the buzz of creativity….. We could be silly without feeling stupid. Liberating stuff! The positive effect of the workshop goes way beyond the 2 hours we got together.”

“Anthony did well to create an environment which was conducive to participation, enjoyment and although it worked as a stand alone event, there appears to be an aim or longer term focus with perhaps more ambitious goals.  Such an event can help deaf folk regain or improve a confidence in meeting with others in a group setting which as you know is one of the hardest activities a deaf person may encounter.”

“I was just thinking – and I believe the group would have the confidence to do it – about an end word project where we go into somewhere public – even into the public areas of the National Library and do an ‘installation’ of bodies and words.”

“I did enjoy the workshop this morning unfortunately the time was not long enough for me to pick the right words for the poem from the available prepared words and cards.  Remember with age we are slowing down.”

Do you fancy playing?  Read the instructions here.


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