Show and Tell at the National Library

The National Library of Scotland have been working to include staff from across the organisation in events for visually impaired visitors.  This has led to quite different events from the usual descriptive tours of exhibitions.  An event led by curators introduced and described objects from an exhibition they are planning for next year.  The curators are at the stage of researching the objects so we were privy to lots of  intriguing  information and  the objects could be handled and examined closely.  For the curators it was a chance to share the stories they are gathering and test the reactions of an audience before finalising the exhibition.

Feedback from a participant: “It was a privilege to have access to the objects, instead of having to view them behind glass.  I don’t think that  reading is necessary to get that sense of connection with the object being discussed. This connection is only made possible because of the clear and knowledgeable explanations of the Library staff.  It is a nice thought to think that questions posed and unanswered were going to be followed up as part of the curator’s research into the objects for the exhibition.  Actually there was not much that went unanswered. One does not get the chance very often to have the curator and team on hand to discuss their work.”


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