conversations and connections

DSC00060Currently description and text are the broad areas we’re exploring in Investigate | Create.  Conversations with artists are developing the ideas and  finding connections with artists’ explorations.  I’m particularly enjoying that my starting points and notions are being elaborated and deepened by the artists and occasionally challenged.  Along with all the planning and research, chance encounters in unexpected places are providing fruitful ground.  A coffee at Forest café and browse through their Paper Stages, led to Abigail Conway to find out more about her use of written instructions; my pilates instructor Lucy Boyes is a dancer with an interest in creative writing.

This all seems to me to fit well with Let Loose but the next stage is to take these connections to the group and experience work so that we can develop ideas together.  The Fringe is a great time for this in Edinburgh.  As part of Let Loose, we’ll be going to see work by choreographers Boyes and Synge – their work with Dancebase’s Golden Group is part of Heads Up and there are loads more exciting opportunities.

A full programme of Festival events and workshops is coming together to support Let Loose as well as Opening Lines, more soon…


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