In the library and along porty prom

We’re delighted to be working again with poet Ken Cockburn, this time with the National Library of Scotland.  Ken is interested in the library both as a building and a collection with fictional spaces described within its books. Ken will be discussing this theme with library staff and Artlink participants.  The first stage is to get to know the building through tours led by staff including book fetchers, security staff, cleaners and building manager.  Ken will be sharing these experiences through this blog. The project will close with a public performance weaving fictional texts and descriptive passages opening up innumerable ways to understand the library building.

Juliana Capes and Laura Cameron Lewis are collaborating on another project exploring descriptive language. These two artists are developing a descriptive narrative of Portobello prom across tides, seasons and years.  We’ve had one sharing of their work in progress, which sparked a good long natter about childhood holidays and changes to the area.  This gave plenty more material for their story and we’re looking forward to another sharing event.


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