Art by Instruction

Example of an instruction by Yoko Ono.  Painting for the wind Cut a hole in a bag filled with seeds of any kind and place the bag anywhere there is wind.Our next Let Loose workshop on Wednesday 5 March is with musician and performer Greg Sinclair.  Greg’s recent work I do do I? followed instructions written by primary school children which were performed at the Arches in Glasgow. There’s a long history of artists writing and exhibiting instructions in galleries, these examples are by Yoko Ono.

Instructions can be poetic or silly; simple or demanding.  Sometimes the audience is invited to spend time meditatively with an idea; sometimes materials are provided for an instruction to be carried out.

An exhibition of Yoko Ono's instructions simply typed on individual sheets and pinned up along the agllery wall.

If you’d like to try some or find out more, the Do It website has instructions by different artists – as you’ll see there are no rules.  In Wednesdays workshop, Greg will us help us to develop our own Art by Instruction.  The workshop is free and an electronic note taker will be available.  To take part or for more information, contact


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