Investigate | Create provides new ways for individuals with visual impairments and hearing loss to participate in the arts by collaborating with artists and as audiences to experience quality, tailor made work.  The focus across several projects is to explore the creative potential of functional access tools through collaboration between artists and audiences.

For the most part access services are added to a finished work, mediating and interpreting the art experience for specific audiences through verbal description, captions, sign language interpretation.  Investigate | Create turns around the usual approach by taking these access services as starting points for creative exploration. By seeking crossovers between artists’ and audiences’ interests, Investigate| Create provides opportunities to explore descriptive language, text and BSL poetry.

Projects will bring artists and audiences together around a topic, to develop new work through accessible collaboration.  Working with visually impaired individuals, Opening Lines will explore the use of language, sound and narrative in describing spaces.  Let Loose will develop text based artwork with individuals with hearing loss and Visual Connections will explore sign language poetry in gallery settings with the signing community.

Investigate | Create is not about improving access to culture, but working with people to develop, alter, challenge and invigorate culture.  Over three years the work will be shared as live events and documented through this project blog to reach a wider network.  Investigate | Create aims to use shared creative experiences to open discussion and spark further imaginings about accessible art.

There are many ways to take part in the Investigate | Create programme; attending a performance, taking part in a one-off workshop or working with an artist to contribute to  a longer term project.  As the projects develop you can get involved on the blog by sharing experiences and adding your thoughts.  This blog is an archive of projects, a way to share experiences and also a repository for ideas as they are developing.

For more information, please contact susan_at_artlinkedinburgh.co.uk


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