Growth – poem in sign language by Wim Emmerik


National Theatre of Scotland opportunity

Do you work as a BSL theatre interpreter in Scotland?

Would you be interested in doing so?

The National Theatre of Scotland is offering you the opportunity to join in a national conversation about British Sign Language interpretation in theatre, and to discuss current practice and explore future developments as a sector.

There will also be a talk by Siobhan Rocks about Project Terpsichore, a unique training and professional development opportunity for BSL interpreters which promotes and teaches methods of interpreting for the theatre that serve the performance without distracting from it.

The event takes place at 10am, Friday 17th August 2012 at our offices in Glasgow.

National Theatre of Scotland

If you would like to attend, please email Marianne Maxwell at

People of the Eye

When a group of visual artists (various media) explore the work of four professional (British) sign language poets, what emerges?

The People of the Eye collective is charged with developing artworks in response to a given set of sign poems. Some of the artists are fluent in British Sign Language, one is a native of a foreign sign language, a few have some basic sign skills, whilst most have no previous knowledge of sign languages or deaf communities whatsoever.

Their responses to the challenge – practices, reflections and insights – are feeding into the first doctoral research study in the world to use this methodology to investigate this subject.  Read more about this and Kyra’s other projects.

Sign Language Workshop

Talbot Rice Gallery – BSL Workshop

Visual Connections with Mark MacQueen

Tuesday 3 April 6-8pm

To book a place contact

This workshop will use the paintings in Talbot Rice Gallery’s exhibition as a starting point to explore how the visual language of BSL connects with visual art.

The workshop will be co-led by Zoë Fothergill, Curator, Education & Development and BSL storyteller and tutor Mark MacQueen.

This event is for both Deaf and hearing participants, however, it will be most suitable for people with some interest in or knowledge of BSL, including those attending BSL classes.

Come along and give creative signing a go.

To book a place contact