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ARTLINK Performance

Live reading of new work
by Juliana Capes and Laura Cameron Lewis


Saturday 15 March 2014

3-4pm Dalriada Bar, Portobello 

Opening Lines performances mix description, history and storytelling in response to locations across Edinburgh, creating events for sighted and non sighted audiences.
For this event artist Juliana Capes and writer Laura Cameron Lewis have been working close to home along Porty Prom. They have created interweaving narratives from generations of women with connections to Portobello Prom across their lives.

Come and join us for a live reading in the Dalriada Bar to the east end of Portobello prom. Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be available.

For more info or to join the event, contact Susan:

0131 229 3555

susan at

Art by Instruction

Example of an instruction by Yoko Ono.  Painting for the wind Cut a hole in a bag filled with seeds of any kind and place the bag anywhere there is wind.Our next Let Loose workshop on Wednesday 5 March is with musician and performer Greg Sinclair.  Greg’s recent work I do do I? followed instructions written by primary school children which were performed at the Arches in Glasgow. There’s a long history of artists writing and exhibiting instructions in galleries, these examples are by Yoko Ono.

Instructions can be poetic or silly; simple or demanding.  Sometimes the audience is invited to spend time meditatively with an idea; sometimes materials are provided for an instruction to be carried out.

An exhibition of Yoko Ono's instructions simply typed on individual sheets and pinned up along the agllery wall.

If you’d like to try some or find out more, the Do It website has instructions by different artists – as you’ll see there are no rules.  In Wednesdays workshop, Greg will us help us to develop our own Art by Instruction.  The workshop is free and an electronic note taker will be available.  To take part or for more information, contact

collage workshop

These striking images were produced in a collage workshop led by artist and theatre designer Kate Temple.  The workshop started with a surrealist game Exquisite Corpse then Kate introduced some simple collage techniques using old instruction manuals. Read more about Kate Temple here. All of these activities could easily be tried at home.  Here are instructions for EXQUSITE CORPSE and Kate’s word collage ideas to get you started.

In the library and along porty prom

We’re delighted to be working again with poet Ken Cockburn, this time with the National Library of Scotland.  Ken is interested in the library both as a building and a collection with fictional spaces described within its books. Ken will be discussing this theme with library staff and Artlink participants.  The first stage is to get to know the building through tours led by staff including book fetchers, security staff, cleaners and building manager.  Ken will be sharing these experiences through this blog. The project will close with a public performance weaving fictional texts and descriptive passages opening up innumerable ways to understand the library building.

Juliana Capes and Laura Cameron Lewis are collaborating on another project exploring descriptive language. These two artists are developing a descriptive narrative of Portobello prom across tides, seasons and years.  We’ve had one sharing of their work in progress, which sparked a good long natter about childhood holidays and changes to the area.  This gave plenty more material for their story and we’re looking forward to another sharing event.

new workshop programme

Let Loose offers a series of artist-led workshops exploring text in art.LETLOOSE LOGO

A loop system will be available and an electronic notetaker will support all sessions.

Workshops are free and refreshments will be provided.

Jan 29 Visual Art

Quaker Meeting House
10.30 – 12.30

Kate Temple is an artist and theatre designer. Kate often uses text in her own artwork and is currently creating a text that will be performed within a sculptural installation. She will introduce her work then lead a practical collage workshop using a variety of instruction manuals, surrealist games and cut-up techniques.

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Let Loose Develops

Artlink has been working with venues to improve access for audiences with hearing loss for some time and through consultation with Hearing Link became aware of the need for tailored activities.  Initially Artlink ran a series of drama workshops, from this we went to lots of events at the Edinburgh Festivals and these were shared through the project Postcard Reviews.  Let Loose is a cumulative process, we are always learning and each project informs the next.  So the talent we discovered in Postcard Reviews led to a writing project at Dancebase.  Finally our reliance on scripts when experiencing new dance has led to the current focus on text in art.

word games“We had fun surely – but more than that, we enjoyed interacting with the words, with each other and our confidence grew. Because of the electronic notetaker and the pre-printed instructions, I think our brains were freed up from struggling with the communication so we could relax into the buzz of creativity….. liberating stuff!”

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